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Re-taking IELTS Test in 2023 review

Re-taking IELTS Test in 2023 review

ielts test re-registration review

If you don't score high due to late preparations, wrong study material , and refusal to use 
Online test prep centers

It is important that you register for another Test as soon as you are feeling able to do so.

IELTS Test-Takers aspiring to study Canada with a poor score prior to their Visa processing period should re-registration

Does Canada accepts Two (2) IELTs results?

Yes! as long as the score is high.

Canada has recommended their Test requirement for foreigners.  

Five (5) conditions before Re-registering IELTS Exam.

  1. Have you examined the band Scores and what each band score represents
  2. Have you attempted to practice the questions
  3. Are you practicing English
  4. Have you taken other steps to enhance your English skills
  5. Are calm and relaxed as possible during Test

If the answered is 'No' then you need to Register for an additional Test and Prepare well to increase your Score.

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