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How to link debit and credit cards to account

How to link debit & credit cards to www. Skrill. com account in United Kingdom and other countries.


How to link debit and credit cards to Skrill account

You can link your prepaid debit or credit cards to Skrill com just like every other electronic Wallet. 

The purpose of writing this article is for those people that want to know how to link any prepaid debit or credit card to a Skrill com account.

Which country supports Skrill com Prepaid Master Card?

Presently, it's only given to residents of countries that are members of the European Economic Area and few other countries. 

They are constantly widening the names of supported countries in the world.

Where can Skrill com Prepaid Mastercard be used?

It can be used to shop online or stores, trade and withdraw money instantly at any Automated Teller Machine where it's supported.

The card is the first instant withdrawal option created.


There are more mind blowing developments undergoing consultations they will let their users know.


What is the Skrill com Virtual Prepaid MasterCard?

If your account balance is positive then you will be able to apply for a Virtual Prepaid Master Card by following the steps below -

  1. Simply tap on the Card options on the left hand side of your account
  2. Within the Virtual Cards page, 
  3. tap on Get a Virtual Card.

PS - The moment your Virtual Prepaid MasterCard is produced, you will notice the 16 digit card number shows on the screen, along with the Security Code (CVV) and the Expiry date. 

You can now use that Virtual produced card number at your preferred merchant. 

How does the Skrill com Virtual Prepaid MasterCard work?

Virtual Prepaid Master Card allows money transfer through account to make online financial transactions wherever credit and debits card is allowed.

Does Automated Teller Machine allow money withdrawal with Skrill com Virtual Prepaid MasterCard?

No! Automated Teller Machine terminals needs a plastic card to process a money withdrawal. 

Money withdrawals at an Automated Teller Machine are accessible using your Prepaid Master Card.

Can countries with cashless policy use Skrill com Virtual Prepaid MasterCard to book a hotel room, a flight or rent a car?

They don't advice anyone to use Virtual Prepaid Master Card to book a hotel room, a flight or rent a car because most merchant services requires a plastic card to verify the transactions. 

This payment method will not work since the number on Virtual and the plastic Prepaid Master card is different.

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