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www. Luno. com step-by-step account sign-up in Nigeria and other countries tutorials step-by-step account sign-up tutorials

Not everybody is familiar or used to luno

So for the sake of people new to digital currencies, I want to define this cryptocurrency exchange and how to start using their trading platform.


It's a digital wallet exchange platform that allows people buy, sell and store all manner of cryptocurrencies.

Their wallet verifies their users in settings option, through identity tap. 

It was founded in the year 2013.

                                                                 step-by-step account sign-up tutorials

To sign-up an account you need to visit the website at www Luno com with your phone or laptop browser.

To enjoy rewards and promos, make use of this valid code “SK7U9F” while registering your new account. 

You can also use that code to invite your family to get their reward as well.

At the right upper part of the page, you will see the 'sign in' tab and 'sign up' tab.

Click the 'sign up' tab as seen on the image above.

Luno has four (4) sign-up options and they are as follows -

  1. Gmail
  2. Google 
  3. Apple
  4. Facebook

PS - the recommended option is 'sign-up' with Gmail account. 

Step 1. Share your invite code with your friends.

Step 2. Your friend signs up, clicks rewards tap. 

Enters the promo code and click apply code, deposit and buy $12 worth of digital currencies from their instant buy or sell options 

PS - This cryptocurrency Exchange is not included

Step 3. When you invite someone, Both of you get $0.6 worth of 
BITCOIN for free  as a reward.

To verify a new 
account, click the wallet settings identity or profile tap. 

Scroll down and click verification option to get your account verified. 

Account verification levels depends on particular trading limits. 

The more you trade with this Cryptocurrency exchange platform, the more information will be required from you. 

What is www luno com account verification levels

In a number of our supported countries, there are different account levels with deposit and withdrawal limits that apply to every level.

The requirement for Level 1 is confirm your mobile number and your basic personal details.

The requirement for Level 2 is submit a photo or a scan of your government-issued ID and a selfie photo 

PS - The government-issued ID must be an accepted documents. 

Selfie photo must not be older than 24 hours.

The requirement for Level 3 is to enter your residential address and choose your employment status, occupation and the source of your money

PS - In certain cases, you would be asked to supply additional documentation if need be.

  1. Austria - AT
  2. Belgium - BE
  3. Bulgaria - BG
  4. Croatia - HR
  5. Cyprus - CY
  6. Czech - CZ
  7. Denmark - DK
  8. Estonia - EE
  9. Finland – FI
  10. France - FR
  11. Greece – GR
  12. Guernsey
  13. Hungary – HU
  14. Iceland
  15. Indonesia
  16. Ireland - IE
  17. Isle of Man
  18. Italy – IT
  19. Jersey
  20. Latvia – LV
  21. Liechtenstein - LI
  22. Lithuania - LT
  23. Luxembourg - LU
  24. Malaysia
  25. Malta - MT
  26. Netherlands - NL
  27. Nigeria Norway – NO
  28. Poland - PL
  29. Portugal - PT
  30. Romania – RO
  31. San Marino
  32. South Africa Slovakia - SK
  33. Slovenia - SI
  34. Spain - ES
  35. Sweden - SE
  36. United Kingdom - GB

            step-by-step account sign-up tutorials

After registering a new account, then log-in and deposit money.

Deposit money by clicking the wallets tab, and then click the 'buy' option to top up your account as seen on the image above.

It's after topping up your crypto-currency wallet and then click the buy options to 'buy'.

  • How to deposit money to a www luno com account with a cryptocurrency trading app?

  1. Download the exchange app at google play store.
  2. Open the app and check in
  3. Select Wallets from the menu
  4. Choose your local currency wallet
  5. Select Deposit
  6. Choose the tactic with which you would wish to top-up your wallet.
  7. And follow the direction on the screen

PS - You can also buy a pre-set amount of cryptocurrency or specify your own by selecting the specified amount on the home screen.

If you have already got a balance in your local currency wallet, you will be ready to buy instantly.

If not, you will be requested to make a deposit first.

Different payment methods are available in each country.

Read and follow instructions carefully. 

  1. Sign-up with LUNO
  2. Verify your identity
  3. Deposit money into your wallet

ou will buy cryptocurrency directly together with your MasterCard, open-end credit or with Google Pay. 

It has one of the best trading apps. 

If you don’t see the option to instantly buy cryptocurrency using this method, then you have to relax because they continually expanding to new regions.

Another way to shop for cryptocurrency is by using the cryptocurrency exchange trading platform. 

There, you are able to put limit orders. 

This enables you to pick a price at which you would like to shop for your digital currencies, and this order stays pending until the market reaches your price. 

The two-factor authentication is used to enhance security on account and store passwords.

The SSL encryption is used within the trading platform and Pretty Good Privacy encryption, is where the wallets are kept secured. 

It stores their users money in a “deep freeze” cold storage wallet. 

Particularly, the cold storage wallet is better than the hot storage wallet.

Cold storage wallets are encrypted, multi-signature wallets where private keys are stored in individual bank vaults. 

This multi-signature features means that no one individual can access a wallet without the cooperation of other individuals.

You can lock your account to avoid theft and this locking will take effect for seven (7) days.

               step-by-step account sign-up tutorials

During the locking period nobody including the account owner will not be able to buy, sell and send crypto, deposit or withdraw money and trade on the Exchange. 

Then after the seven (7) days everything will be restored back.

Banking services takes a minimum of two (
2) business days to process deposits, so that’s how long it will deem your money to point out up in your local currency wallet.

They will automatically add it to your wallet once it receives your deposit, and notify you through email. 

They don’t accept cash deposits, and therefore the deposit must come from a checking account in your own personal name.

PS - Please only reach them if you haven’t used your unique reference number (starting with BX), or if it’s been longer than two (2) business days and your deposit isn’t reflecting yet. 

Deposits take longer over weekends; public holidays and once you make a deposit after hours.

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