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Afri-card payment services Step-by-step Tutorial 2023

Afri-card payment services Step-by-step Tutorial 2023

Due to covid-19 pandemic effects on the economy has engineered a new map of economic.

most banks has reduced their monthly transfer limit to a little sum of money especially the United States of America currency (dollars) as most banks have reduced the Naira prepaid transfer limit to $100.

What is Afri-card

It's a Prepaid debit card mostly funded in Naira.

In partnership with UBA, it is internationally accepted in all Visa acceptance points. (ATM, POS or Web) 

Card holders don't need to have an account with UBA.


How Does Afri-card Look Like

The card is in a plastic form.

It's front view consist of the usual 16 digits, the card's expiration date, the name of the prepaid card user, a VISA logo and an arrow sign pointing towards the left side indicating the direction which the card should be inserted into the ATM machine in any country that operates with a cash dispatching machine.

prepaid africard front view details

It's back view consist of a CVV 3 digits number and a 10 digits number as circled below is the Account Number for money transactions. 

prepaid africard back view

How To Fund The Afri-card With Cash

The account number of the card user is the 10-digits number below the CVV 3-digits number circled with a pink marker. 

PS: - while making a payment or receiving, a user should know that his or her account is the 10-digits number below the CVV 3-digits number. 

Can I Use Afri-card Outside Nigeria

Yes! The Card can be used any where

Do I need MoneyGram and Western Union with Afri-card

Yes because MoneyGram and western union offer incentives for outrageous outbound money transfers.

How Does Afri-card Work

Same way other prepaid card works. 

Users can purchase items online, register for international tests like (SAT, IELTS, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, ACT)pay utility bills, travel to any where with Gift or credits cards and make online Electronic payment

Is Afri-card Transfer Limit Restricted

No, I doubt if there is anything like transfer limits, especially with the dollar prepaid account

Where Can I Get This Afri-card

Inside any UBA branch in the world.

What is the exchange rate of Afri-card

It depends on the present exchange rate between your country's equivalent in the parallel market.

If I travel abroad, is my Afri-card still functional?

Yes for sure! just locate a visa ATM or download the UBA banking app and add your card details.

Is Afri-card used only with local currencies

No! Afri-card consists of two. 

The naira or dollar prepaid card.

How do I activate Afri-card without delay

  • Visit any UBA Branch to get the card in any country. 
  • when you walk into the bank.
  •  Ask for the customer care unit office.
  • Tell them you need the Card whether the dollar or naira prepaid card.
  • you will be asked to fill a bio-data form with your personal information.
  • The bio-data is what will be used personalize and authenticate the card.
  • Afri-card is packaged in an envelope alongside an A-4 paper with default 4-pin password for web transactions and a default 4-pin password for Automated Teller Machine, POS written on it. 
  • Fund the prepaid card at any UBA Office or their Mobile, Internet Banking, Pay arena or Business Direct.
  • lastly, Go to any ATM stand and change default PIN to your choice. 

Can I use Afri-card with PayPal

Yes! it is necessary because some payment systems requires only PayPal.

What are the benefits of Afri-card

  • It's valid for 3 years from month of issue.
  • It requires a Personal Identification Number for all ATM and POS transaction.
  • Transferring money from your card to another is easy.
  •  Real time banking transactions

How to Afri-card out-side Nigeria

Just locate a visa ATM or download the UBA banking app and add your card details.

What if Afri-card was stolen, lost or hacked

The card protects users against fraudulent purchase transactions. 

Report any loss to UBA (Call this number +234 1 280 8822).

What is the maintenance fee for Afri-card

It consists of the local and the foreign currency prepaid card. 

Both can still be used for domestic and international transactions.

local currency prepaid card maintenance fee

  • Card Issuance Fee - N1,000 (VAT Exclusive)
  • Quarterly Card Maintenance Fee - N50 (VAT Exclusive)
  • SMS Alert - N4
  • Domestic ATM Withdrawal Fee - free (UBA ATM).                    N35 (After first free 3 withdrawals on other bank's ATM terminals within a month).
  • International ATM Withdrawal Fee - N1,200
  • OCT Inflow (Original Credit Transaction Inflow from Platforms such as PAYPAL, etc.) - 1.5% of Transaction Inflow Amount (VAT Exclusive). 
  • International Transactions (ATM, POS, WEB) - FX Rate Applies.

Dollar Prepaid Card maintenance fee

  • Card Issuance Fee - $3.15 (VAT Exclusive)
  • Annual Card Convenience Fee - $20 (VAT Exclusive)
  • SMS Alert  - $0.01
  • International ATM Withdrawal Fee - 0.6% of Transaction Amount Subject to a Minimum of $3.5 per ATM withdrawal (VAT Exclusive)
  • OCT Inflow (Original Credit Transaction Inflow from Platforms such as PAYPAL, etc.) - 1.5% of Transaction Inflow Amount (VAT Exclusive)

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