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ACT Exam eligibility, Registration fees reviews 2023

ACT Exam eligibility, Registration fees reviews 2023

ACT Test eligibility and registration fee

What is ACT Exam?

ACT is a standardized test used by most colleges for admissions in United States of America and other countries. 

It's mostly compared to SAT.

The test is a non-profit  education based organization that provides four (4) academic skill areas namely -


  1. English.
  2. Mathematics. 
  3. Reading.
  4. Science reasoning.

It also presents an optional direct writing test.  

It's accepted by majority of  United States of America universities as well as over 225 universities in other countries. 

This Test was first practiced in November 1959. 

ACT Test eligibility and registration sign-up page

How is ACT scored in USA, NigeriaUK, Australia and other countries? 

The main four sections that make up the test  are individually scored on a scale range of 1–36 and a composite score that has the rounded whole number average of the four sections provided in it.

If you want high score, then join an online test prep

Also make enquiries of how to send your report to schools

ACT Exam Eligibility in Nigeria, USA, Canada, Australia and other countries 

Most College aspirants all over the world who want to earn a degree in United States of America has these questions in mind. 

Who is eligible to write ACT?

Anybody can write the Exam as long as he or she presents the require documents during registration.

ACT Registration fees in USA, Canada, Nigeria and other countries

Exam with no writing will cost $55.

These fee covers score report for the following - 
  • Test-Taker.
  • High school.
  • Up-to four colleges.  

Exam with writing will cost $70

These fee covers score reports of the following - 
  • Test-Taker. 
  • High-school.
  • Up-to four colleges.

PS:- Try and provide valid codes when you register. 

Test without writing fees is non-refundable but with writing option is refundable.

If you missed the Test or changed from 'with writing to ACT without writing', this option cost $15. 

Additional ACT Fees Excluding Test-Takers that changed their Centers in USA, Nigeria and Other countries

Late registration or Test date change made during that period will cost $35

Stand-by testing fee $56 will be refunded if you are denied admission to the center on test day or registration was cancelled due to no picture provided. 

Changes stand-by testing application like changes in test date and test centers will cost $35.

PS - Your Score Reports will be sent to 5th and 6th universities of your choices for $13

You can request an additional score reports online or by providing a form. 

You have to request online before the test date. 

You will be refunded on written request if you do not test.

Cost of ACT Score answer sheet verification?

You can request for a copy of your test questions and answers. 

This request will cost you $22.


What is ACT Test Fee Waiver in USA, Canada, Nigeria and other countries

For high school student that can not be able to afford the registration fee for 'Test without writing or with writing' will be eligible for Fee Waiver. 

Other requirements to be eligible will be sent to your High School. 

Enquire from your high school to be sure your have met all the requirements.

Eligible students must be in their 11th grade or 12th grade presently.

The student must be testing in New Jersey, New York, California and other USA regions or Puerto Rico.

PS - you may use a maximum of four separate fee waivers total, If you are eligible. 

The fee waiver is valid once you register, even when you do not test on the requested test date.

What is ACT Fee Waiver Benefits, requirements, eligibility 
in USA, Canada, Nigeria and other countries

  1. To enjoy the full advantage of the waiver, you must test on your registered date chosen by you.
  2. It only covers the basic registration and late fee for your test option on a national date, which includes up to four (4) college choices.
  3. After your registration, the student can request any number of additional score reports for free.
  4. It provides free access to the official Test Self-Paced Course, Powered by Kaplan. 
  5. It doesn't cover test date or center changes, stand-by fee, and other services procured outside registration and score report.
  6. Test-Takers cannot request a waiver directly from the organizers; they must contact their high school counselor. 
  7. Make sure you follow the 'How to Apply this Fee Waiver' when you request for a Special Test. 
  8. When you register online and request any additional services, you must enter a credit card to pay those fees before submission.

PS - make sure you provide valid codes when registering for the Test. 

What is ACT Test Vouchers? 


Most states in US offer vouchers to select student populations to cover all or some portions of the registration fee for the Exam

These vouchers will be distributed through the schools. 

Student interested in these Vouchers should meet the Test coordinator near their location to see if they will will receive one.

All vouchers recipient should follow this procedures to apply

  1. Voucher covers reports to your high school and up to any four (4) colleges of your choice.
  2. It's not supposed to be used to pay for any of these fees - 
  • Late registration fee.
  • Additional college choices.
  • Other services.
  • Test date or test center changes. 
  • Stand-by fee.

PS - You can only 
submit a voucher per Test date. 

The voucher is used immediately you register or request stand-by testing even if you do not test on the chosen test date. 

Ensure you provide valid codes when you register for the Test.

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