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www. PayPal. com account prepaid cards linking reviews 2023

www. PayPal. com account prepaid cards linking reviews 2023

pay-pal account prepaid card linking

Pay-pal is used by individual, companies for money transfer services

It's one of the most used payment system for wire and merchant services by retailers.

It also offers financial solutions for their users. 

It serves a processor for salary, wage, retail trade and electronic-commerce.

Step-by-step www. PayPal. com account registration tutorials

               pay-pal account prepaid card linking

Log into www. PayPal. com with a mobile, tablet or Laptop browser.

pay-pal account home-page

Click sign up 'Tab' at the top left of the page as seen above. 

The page will load and another page will appear showing you two (2) options    
  1. Individual account sign-up
  2. Business account sign-up

What is PayPal com individual account?

  • It's used for shopping online world-wide.

  • Sending and receiving money world-wide.

  • Making transactions without sharing your payment information.

What is www PayPal com Business Account?

  • To create a business account will give you access to all cards online or at the register.
  • Send secure invoices to your customers.

  • Create account without credit or debit cards.

Who can use the PayPal individual account?

  • Anybody can use PayPal com individual account 

who can use the PayPal com Business Account?

  • It's advisable to use this account for a registered company.

Pay-Pal accounts sign-up page

The image above shows a sign up page for an individual account

follows these steps -

Change the country telephone code to your own country's telephone code. 

Type in your number to get a confirmation code to activate the account. 

pay-pal account sign-up activation code

The image above shows the sign-up page for a business account. 

follow these steps-

Type in your Gmail com account without phone number.

pay-pal business account sign-up page

After creating a PayPal individual and business account, 
a message with a confirmation link will be sent by Gmail to you as seen on the image below

pay-pal account confirmation message with link

Click the link to appear in your browser, PayPal will send you an account sign-up confirmation 'thank you message'. 

This message indicates that the account is now active.

pay-pal account confirmation thank you message

log into the pay-pal website
  • Type in your Gmail account name into the box, click and upload all information required

pay-pal account log-in page

 Does PayPal accept JCB?

  • Yes ! but you need to accept the terms and conditions if the account was created before September 29, 2017.

        Can I use my HSA card on PayPal account?

  • Yes! you have every right to the money even in the future

                 Is PayPal Registration free?

  • It's free to use but if you receive money for goods and services from selling on eBay, then you will pay a fee for each transaction amount received.

            How do I send money using PayPal?

  • Send the payments to with the email or Gmail address of the person.

How do I send money to a someone that has no PayPal account?

  • If they don't have an account they can create one free.

How do I link a checking account to www PayPal com account?

  • Click Wallet at the top most part of the page for desktop users and tap 'Menu' then 'Wallet' for mobile users.

  • Click Link a checking account.

  • Select your bank.

  • Click 'Don't see your bank' at the page below if it's not there.

  • linking bank instantly with the login information varies. 

  • If the moment option is not available, just enter your checking account details manually and click 'Agree and Link'.

How to Link a checking account instantly

  • Enter the user ID and password for your online banking. 

  • Pay-pal will match this information together with your bank to verify ownership. 

  • Once this information is entered correctly, your checking account are going to be confirmed instantly.

How to Link and ensure a checking account manually

  • Pay-pal will ask you to verify the account. 

  • Payments or adding money to the account will be possible immediately after verification.

  • Within 3 business days, review your statement to make 2 small deposits and each between $0.01 and $0.99 USD 

  • Contact your bank to seek out out the precise amounts of those deposits. 

  • Complete the confirmation process online with these steps below

  1. Click 'Wallet' at the highest of the page.
  2. Click 'bank' for verification.
  3. Enter the precise amounts of the two (2) deposits made to your account.                        
  4. Click 'Submit'.

  • Contact PayPal Customer support Service if there is any issue.

How do I link any prepaid debit cards like Visa, MasterCard to www PayPal com account?

  • Click 'Wallet' at the top most part of the page on your mobile, tablet or laptop.

  • Click 'Link a debit or Master-Card' on the left side of the page as shown below.

pay-pal account pre-paid and master-card linking

  • Follow the instructions on page to link your card.

  • In most cases, card verification will be required. 

  • If you see a 'confirm credit card' link within the card details section of your PayPal Wallet, you will need to verify your card before you will use it with PayPal. 

  • If you do not see this link, you will begin to use your card directly.

pay-pal account pre-paid card linking details

  • After writing the card details, click the blue box below the prepaid credit or debit cards information. 

  • Card will appear as shown below.

pay-pal account pre-paid and master-card linking

Does PayPal accept Union Pay, Ru Pay?

  • Add it to your account and contact the person that issued the card to you. 

  • Select Pay-Pal as your payment method and use the Union Pay prepaid card.

which of the prepaid cards is eligible for PayPal instant Transfer?

  • Only prepaid cards with a US bank linked to their account

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