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Habits that affects mental health and it's effect

Habits that affects mental health and it's effects in human beings review 2023

Habits that affects mental health and it's effect

The brain is the center for perception, cognition, attention, memory, emotion and action. 

It's a vital part of the body and requires less pressures.

There five (5) bad habits that affects mental health namely -

  1. Inactivity.
  2. Too Much Social Media.
  3. Multi-tasking.
  4. Listening to Loud Music.
  5. Inadequate Sleep. 

  • Effects of Inactivity to the brain.

When you keep the brain dormant from performing reasonable activity like reading, study and meditating for a while. 

It affects the brain due to this habits of leaving it inactive.

  • Effects of Too Much Social Media to the brain.

When you use Social Media too often, it affects your brain and causes it to perform poorly. 

  • Effects of Multi-tasking to the brain

Try to do only one thing at a time. 

Most people always think of so many things at the same time. 

When you multi-task your brain, you will end up with an unproductive results. 

Always think and make decisions at a time.

  • Effect of Listening to loud music in the brain

It affects the brain because you tend to be confused when there is an external sound. 

Most people to play loud songs misinterpret and are unconscious of external voice.

  • Effects of Inadequate Sleep to the brain

Research has shown that lack of sleep either due to stress or performing a task affects the brain. 

It affects the cerebrum and reduces memory and learning.

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