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www. Payeer. com account sign-up tutorials review account sign-up tutorials

What is www. Payeer. com?

It's a crypto currency exhange payment system that helps their users make financial transactions, buy and sell crypto, make other internal transfers

The advantages of this exchange company includes high transaction security for the customers and 24/7 technical support.

It provides services for money transfer, retail trade and digital currencies around the world 


Step-by-step www. Payeer. com account sign up?

These are the three (3) tasks to perform  -

  1. After creating an account.
  2. Go to their API section in menu.
  3. Get instructions about simple integration.

  • Tap 'create account' 

  •  A page as seen below will appear and you will fill in your first name, last name and password 

  • Then Tap 'OK' account sign-up page

A page will appear like the image below showing new account verification codes. 

After confirming it, then click 'OK' account password creation

Below is a verification code sent to the Gmail inbox of the new account. account email verification code

www Payeer com account offers

The offers helps to solve individual and business needs like - 

  1. Multi-Currency account.
  2. Internal Transfers.
  3. Cryptocurrency exchange Trading Platform.
  4. 25+ International payment methods.

Benefit of www Payeer com using VISA, MasterCard, Maestro or Cirrus through cryptocurrencies and merchants services

  1. 127 countries accepted.
  2. High limits.
  3. 99.5% conversation.
  4. No chargeback.

PS - You don't need a bank account, you will receive fiat with Payeer instantly.

You can withdraw funds to crypto, mass payments to your accounts or bank cards VISA, Master Card from all over the world.

What happens to Cryptocurrency bought by individuals and companies through www Payeer com?

  1. Instantly converted to USD, EUR, RUB.
  2. No risks with rates.
  3. No Chargebacks.

PS - Start accepting crypto on your website in few steps

All payments through Bit coin, Lite coin, Ethereum, USDT, DASH, XRP and BCH will be converted to USD, EUR or RUB, with no risks with rates and deposited to your account, instantly use balance for cryptocurrencies payout.

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