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Step-by-step online IELTS Test registration Tutorials 2023

Step-by-step online IELTS Test registration Tutorials 2023

step-by-step online ielts test registration

Most people wants to live, work and Study in countries like Canada, United States of America, New Zealand, Australia, and United Kingdom but don't know how to go about it.

Although, some countries like Poland and Czech republic does not request for this Test except Australia

Australia is quite expensive compared to Poland and Czech republic. 

If you are planning on working and study then you can give Finland and Norway a try but they are quite expensive.

There are two (2) most common English proficiency Test in the world namely - 

Step-by-step online IELTS Test Registration tutorial in Nigeria, USA, UK, Australia and other countries in the world?

Test registration is very simple and quick.  

log into https : // www.  ielts.  org / - / media / pdfs/ application - form . ashx to download the test application form and print it out.

Then follow these steps:- 
  1.  find the nearest test center in your location to register
  2. Your Test will be booked Once your application has been processed. 
  3. The center will send you a written information about the date and time of your test.  
  4. The Speaking and Writing tests will basically take place on the same day. 

- You can register and pay online or follow the steps stated above to print the form and submit to any test center near you.

But if writing and speaking section will not take place on the same day, then the two (2) tests will take place within seven (7) days of each other.

How long does IELTS Test take to expire? 

It expires after two (2) years.

An original copy of your valid identity document. 

Valid identity can be your International Passport etc. 

You will be asked to present this same identity document on the day of the test.

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