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www. Gmail. com account sign up reviews 2023

step-by-step g-mail account sign-up

The COVID-19 pandemic period lead to an increase of internet usage.

Most websites especially software as a service (SaaS) companies, whether free or paid service request for a Gmail Account.

www Gmail com comprises of Account login new user id and a password.

step-by-step www. Gmail. com account signup guide

Log into this website at, https: //www. gmail . com and click 'account sign up'.

Below is how the page looks like -

www g-mail com account sign-up page

  1. First name.
  2. Last name.
  3. Your new user identity.
  4. Password. 

Creating an account is very important because you can utilize the username and password to sign in to Gmail and other Google items like YouTube, Google Play, and Google Drive.  

What if the new www Gmail com account username is taken?

You won't have the option to get a specific username this is mentioned below - 

Previously being used by someone. 

basically, the same as a present username (for instance, If your Username @ gmail com as of now exists, you can't use your Usernam1e @ gmail com)

just as seen in the screenshot below, Google will 
a likely suggest something similar with the first username.

www gmail com account sign-up user-name

step-by-step www. Gmail. com account password recovery guide

If the password is forgotten, click on 'forgot password' on the login page as seen below,

www gmail com account pass-word recovery

  • Change your password. 

  • Click Change password.
  • Click Reset your password

Follow the means to restore your account. 

You will be posed a few inquiries to affirm that it is your record and an email will be taken off you. 

If by chance that you don't get a mail in your  inbox

Check your Spam or your Mail. 

www gmail com account password recovery

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