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Best crypto-currency cold wallet - benefits and price comparism

Best crypto-currency cold wallet - benefits and price comparism in UK, USA and other Countries.

Best crypto-currency cold wallet - price comparism

What is crypto-currency wallet?

It's something that holds your digital coins. 

It’s essentially an area of storage. 

Not all holds every coin, so you will have multiple of it for various coins storage, or share your coins across a variety of wallets for security reasons.

Types of Wallet

There are two (2) namely -

  1. Hot 
  2. Cold 

  • Hot wallets

This wallet is particularly connected to the internet. 

It is produced in a way to help store and access the cryptocurrencies. 

It can be reached and this makes transactions across the internet much easier. 

It is less secured than cold wallet. 

It has two (2) types of keys namely -

  1. Public key
  2. Private Key

  • Public key

It's manufactured in a way to allow someone to without identifying the user.

  • Private Key

You can check the hot wallet through this key with a pin or password. 

It is your own information that you use to identify yourself as the owner of the wallet.

PS - these two (2) are stored online (internet) and if you don’t guard your information well, your information will be stolen by hackers.

Who can use hot wallets in United Kingdom, Canada, United States of America and Australia?

Crypto-currency traders that access the internet steady for transaction should use hot wallets because it makes transaction easier on buying and selling cryptocurrency exchange platform. 

Crypto-currency exchange platform provides you with an address where people can pay you with any kind of digital asset. 

Even as a crypto investor, you need a hot wallet to complete transaction faster.

How to keep a hot wallet

To avoid cyber attacks since it's online you need to use an exceptional (Virtual Private Network) services like Pure VPN or Nord VPN

The effect of virtual private network services is to add more security by encrypting your online transactions.

Types of hot wallet

There are so many but only these two (2) is recommended

It's an international crypto-currency exchange trading platform. 

Their website is where one can meet buyers and sellers in form of peer-to-peer (p2p) transaction. 

They offer a secured hot wallet to its users.

It's a certified crypto trading platform. 

It's where one can meet cryptocurrency buyers and sellers in form of peer-to-peer (p-2-p) and future trading transaction. 

They offer a secured hot wallet to its users. 

Difference between binance and paxful

www P a x f u l com only allows peer-to-peer (p2p) trading of crypto-currencies.

Advantage of hot wallets

It helps to facilitate a lot of transactions of individuals or companies.

Disadvantage of hot wallets

It is risky to store a lot of asset in a hot wallet due to theft and hacking

  • Cold wallets

It's mainly offline and requires private keys. 

These private keys are kept offline too. 

It offers storage that is offline most times. 

It's considered more secured than any other wallet. 

Transaction starts online and ends offline. 

This is because the private keys used to sign the transaction are not online. 

You need keys when exchanging and cryptocurrency asset using a cold wallet which takes place offline.

Who can use cold wallet anybody that wants to store a large number of crypto assets should use a cold wallet.

Types of cold wallets

There are so many cold wallets but only two (2) is recommended -

  1. K e e p K e y
  2. T r e z o r

It's the first wallet on the new ShapeShift io Platform

Since founded, It has been acquired by ShapeShift io and prominently features its integration with their cryptocurrency exchange. 

S h a p e Shift io is a web-based interface for managing your crypto-currency with a commission free trading. 

It’s comprehensive crypto management uses it for web-based interface to shop for, sell, send, receive, trade, track, and H O D L 'hold on for dear life' crypto-currency. 

It joins other similar multi-currency hardware wallets with native support for 40 cryptocurrencies and over 20 ERC-20 tokens.

It was founded in 2016. 

It has become well known with-in the cryptocurrency community due to its security, fair price and simple use. 

It was the primary product to supply a recovery seed and passphrase protection. 

It's hardware wallet was later called Trezor One

Trezor one is one of the simplest hardware wallets for cryptocurrency on the market and it comes at a fair price. 

Globally, it was recognized as the primary cryptocurrency hardware wallet.

It was founded in 2014 by Sato s h i Labs. 

Cost of the recommended cold wallet

  • Keep-Key cost ranges from $49 USD to $79 USD

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  • Trezor cost ranges from $50 to $72

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Advantage of cold wallets

It is not vulnerable to hackers

Disadvantage of cold wallets

It is not accessible like other wallet

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