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How to send SAT Score to colleges guide

How to send SAT Score to colleges guide

How to send SAT Score to colleges

Most colleges require applicants to send them official score reports directly from the college Board they don't accept copies of online reports or labels on transcripts. 

  • Sign into the College board account to send your scores through this link 'https : / / college readiness. college board. org'    


SAT fee waiver 

If you have a waiver, as many score reports can be sent to different colleges for free. 

  • Before Scores Are Released

You can send four free score reports to colleges when ever you register for the Test. 

This is often the fastest because to send scores to colleges and scholarship programs and there is no fee attached to it. 

You can use your free score reports up to 11:59 pm US Eastern Time nine(9) days after the test.

What is SAT fee waiver eligibility

  • After Scores Are Released

If you are sending scores after you get them, there is a fee that you must pay. 

Mind you that there are specified payment methods for any fee regarding to Score

But if you are employing a fee waiver, your score reports are still free after you get your scores.

  • If you wish to send your scores by mail then mail the additional Score Report form in a P D F format of not over 1.27 M B

  • Then if you wish to send your score by phone Call also, then here is the customer Service phone number 8 6 6 - 7 5 6 - 7 3 4 6 toll free or 2 1 2 - 7 1 3 - 7 7 8 9 for international applicants

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