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How to deal with tough SAT passages in USA

How to deal with tough SAT passages

SAT helps to assess student's readiness for higher education. 

One of the most challenging sections for many test-takers is the Reading section especially the dense and intricate passages that can leave even the good readers feeling overwhelmed. 

                    How to deal with tough SAT passages in USA

Strategies that can help tackle tough SAT passages with confidence and precision

Active Reading

The first step in conquering challenging passages is to engage in active reading. 

This involves reading with a purpose, being attentive to details, and constantly asking yourself questions about the author's intent. 

Take notes as you read, underline key phrases, and jot down your initial impressions. 

This not only aids in comprehension but also helps you navigate back to specific details when answering questions.

Understand passage structure

SAT passages often follow a specific structure, such as an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. 

Identifying this structure can make it easier to follow the author's main argument or point of view. 

Pay attention to transitions between paragraphs and the development of the writer's ideas for the passage.

Vocabulary building

A strong vocabulary is a powerful tool when it comes to deciphering complex passages. 

Make a habit of learning and practising high-level vocabulary words. 

This will not only enhance your understanding of the passages but also boost your confidence when encountering unfamiliar terms.

Identify main ideas

As you read, focus on discerning the main idea of each paragraph and the overall message of the passage. 

Understanding the writer's primary article will significantly aid you in answering questions related to the passage content.

Prioritize information

Not all details are created equal. 

Some information is crucial to the writer's main point, while other details may serve as distractions. 

Learn to differentiate between essential and non-essential information, and prioritize your focus accordingly.

Practice time management

Time is of the essence on the SAT. 

Practice managing your time effectively, allowing sufficient time to read and answer questions for each passage. 

If a particular passage proves challenging, don't be afraid to move on and return to it later if time allows.

Eliminate answer choices methodically

When faced with challenging questions, use the process of elimination. 

Rule out answer choices that are clearly incorrect, and focus on the most plausible ones. 

This increases your chances of selecting the correct answer even if the passage is challenging.

Simulate test conditions

Familiarize yourself with the testing environment by taking practice tests under simulated conditions. 

This includes timing yourself, using official practice materials, and replicating the conditions of the actual test day. 

The more you expose yourself to similar conditions, the more comfortable you will become with the test format.

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