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How to write a strong SAT Essay Conclusion in USA

How to write a strong SAT Essay Conclusion

SAT is an important part of the college admissions process, offering students an opportunity to showcase their analytical and writing skills. 

While the body paragraphs lay the foundation for a compelling essay, the conclusion serves as the finishing touch that leaves a lasting impression on the reader. 

                            How to write a strong SAT Essay Conclusion in USA

Steps of how to write a strong SAT Essay Conclusion

Summarize your main points

The conclusion is not the place to introduce new ideas but rather to reinforce the key points you've made throughout your essay. 

Begin by summarizing the main write-up presented in your body paragraphs. 

This concise review reminds the reader of your essay's central themes and demonstrates a cohesive thought process.

Example - In conclusion, the evidence presented underscores the significance of 'your main write-up in shaping the topic'

Reiterate your theory

A strong Essay conclusion reinforces the theory statement by restating it in a slightly different way.

This not only reinforces the main point but also demonstrates to the reader that you have consistently supported your thesis throughout the essay.

Example - 'As we reflect on the evidence and analysis provided, it becomes evident that rephrased thesis is indeed a pivotal aspect of the topic'

Connect to the larger context

Relate your essay's topic to broader themes or universal concepts. 

This demonstrates a depth of understanding and positions your essay as part of a larger conversation. 

Connect your argument to real-world examples, historical events, or contemporary issues to showcase the relevance and importance of your analysis.

Example - 'In a world where relevant issue continues to be a pressing concern, understanding the implications of your topic is not just an academic exercise but a critical consideration for society at large'

Offer a thought-provoking insight

Take your essay one step further by providing a thought-provoking insight or posing a question that encourages the reader to contemplate the broader implications of your write-up. 

This demonstrates intellectual curiosity and a sophisticated understanding of the topic.

Example- 'As we look ahead, it begs the question: How can society leverage the insights gained from your topic to address the challenges of tomorrow?'

End with a strong, memorable statement

Craft a memorable final sentence that leaves a lasting impression. 

This statement should encapsulate the essence of your essay and leave the reader with something to ponder. 

Avoid clich├ęs and strive for originality to stand out from the crowd.

Example - 'In closing, as we navigate the complexities of your topic, it becomes clear that reiterated thesis is not just a concept; it is a call to action, a catalyst for positive change'

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