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What are the top 10 SAT prep mistakes to avoid in USA

Top 10 SAT prep mistakes to avoid

The SAT is a crucial examination for high school students aspiring to pursue their education further. 

A smart student stands a better chance of securing admission into their desired university. 

However, most students make mistakes during their preparation that can hinder their performance. 

What are the top 10 SAT prep mistakes to avoid in USA

Top SAT prep mistakes to avoid are as follows -

  1. Procrastination
  2. Ignoring official SAT materials
  3. Skipping content review
  4. Neglecting weak areas
  5. Overlooking time management
  6. Not seeking help
  7. Stress and anxiety
  8. Policies
  9. Rest
  10. Ignoring feedback


One of the most common mistakes students make is procrastinating in their preparation. 

Instead, create a realistic study schedule, allowing consistent, gradual progress instead of cramming.

Ignoring official study materials

Relying solely on third-party materials and neglecting official practice tests is a mistake. 

The official materials provided by the exam organizers offer the most accurate representation of the test format and difficulty.

Skipping content review

Most students start the practice tests without thoroughly reviewing the content. 

Understanding the fundamental concepts in math, reading, and writing is crucial for success. 

Devote time to comprehensive content review before diving into practice questions.

Neglecting weak areas

Identifying and addressing weaknesses is very important. 

Ignoring challenging topics or question types can lead to poor scores. 

Regularly assess your performance and focus on 
improving areas where you struggle.

Overlooking time management

Time is a significant factor in the SAT exam. 

Practising time management during your preparation is crucial. 

Simulate test conditions and practice pacing yourself to complete each section within the allotted time.

Not seeking help

Most students hesitate to seek help when they encounter difficulties. 

Whether through online materials, study groups, or tutors, getting assistance can provide valuable insights and strategies to tackle challenging questions.

Stress and anxiety

Allowing stress and anxiety to take over during preparation or on test day can be detrimental.

Develop stress management techniques, such as mindfulness or relaxation exercises, to maintain focus and composure.

Overlooking official Test policies

Familiarize yourself with the policies, including what is and isn’t allowed during the test. 

Failure to comply with these policies can result in some issues, including test invalidation.

Underestimating the importance of rest

A well-rested mind performs better. 

Sacrificing sleep for extra study time can backfire. 

Ensure you get adequate sleep, especially in the days leading up to the test, to optimize brain function.

Ignoring feedback

Understand your mistakes, learn from them, and adjust your study plan to fit in. 

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