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How to send money from Skrill to bet 365 tutorial

How to send money from Skrill to bet 365 tutorial

How to send money from Skrill to bet 365

Indeed so many gamblers make use of bet 365 but find it hard to fund their account using Skrill

How you can make an online payment using Skrill.

There are two (2) main ways of transferring money  

  1. Making use of account balance.
  2. Making use of one of the usable money transfer options of your account.

To send and receive money online with Skrill.  

  1. Log into this website 'www skrill com'.
  2. Select the Deposit or Buy in option because this may also be referred to as Real Money, Buy Chips, Cashier, or something similar.
  3. Choose the Skrill payment option.
  4. If you have enough money in your account to cover the payment, you can select to pay from your account balance. 
  5.  If you don’t have enough money, then select another payment option from the ones available to you and finalize your payment by providing the requested information.
  6. To complete your payment, tap Pay Now.

Because of regulations, they will ask you to confirm you are the owner of the account either through a six (6) digit code for verification sent to your mobile phone number or email address. 

Link Skrill to a prepaid debit or credit card.

PS - You can tick the merchant as trusted by choosing Trust this recipient for future payments to avoid this process in the future. 

All transactions that involve currency conversion, they adds a fee of 3.99% to their inter bank market rate published.

I can't find the money after transferring it from Skrill to a website

All fund transfers from your account to merchant websites are instant. 

This is very rare, but once in a while a merchant might not be able to locate the funds you have sent to them due to exchange of information error.

When it occurs, contact their customer support. 

They will search and find your transaction and give it to you with the merchant’s money receiving ID. 

They will need to contact the merchant and give them with this reference, which Merchant can use to search and find your funds in their system and credit the money to you. 

PS - Money initially deposited with Master Card will not be used for transfers to certain merchants. 

Always tap the Skrill logo on the merchant checkout page to know if they accept Master Card payments.

How does money deposited from Skrill to bet 365 with a prepaid credit cards work?

Money initially deposited with prepaid Credit cards will not be used for transfers to merchants registered in United Kingdom any longer.

Money initially deposited for Non-gaming purpose will not be used for transfers to gambling and betting sites.

Money you receive from non-gambling merchants, you won’t be able to spend them on gambling and betting sites.

The available payment option will differ depending on the merchant. 

Fastest way to withdraw money from Skrill account.

Unable to use other payment platform like Skrill?


They recommend their users should first deposit any amount of money to a bet 365 account with a bank deposit, prepaid credit or debit card to allow them. 

You will need to refresh the page once you have successfully finished your deposit.

PS - Merchants like bet 365 may still not accept payments through sure online methods due to their own company money regulation policy. 

Please contact bet 365 customer support personally for more information.

I can’t transfer funds to bet 365 account?

Be sure that the personal information in both Skrill and bet 365 account is the same. 

They advise users to use their digital wallet and bet 365 account from their home location and to make sure they don’t use any Virtual Private Network, proxy or IP masking services.

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