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www. Payoneer. com step-by-step account sign-up tutorial review step-by-step account sign-up tutorial

When you hear www Payoneer com, The first thing that comes to your mind is something that has to do with payment services only, right?

What is Payoneer?

It was created to offer payment solutions and enable retail trade, businesses, online sellers and freelancers to get paid and make transaction in an easy manner both internationally and nationally.


If you own a small or medium scale business, freelancer, contractor or other type of service you render, you can use
 it to request a payment from your client. 

The company will send them an email for your sake with information of the payment with other secure options to pay you online, including credit or debit card 

Step-by-step www Payoneer com account sign-up step-by-step account sign-up tutorial

Log into this website at, 
www payoneer com

  • A page as seen below will appear in your screen.

  • As seen below, a page will come out like this below. step-by-step account sign-up tutorial

There are five different account type. 

Your choice depends on what transactions you are making and your area of business.

The five (5) types of accounts are -

  1. freelancer or SMB account
  2. online seller
  3. affiliate marketer
  4. vacation rental host
  5. individual. 

If you are getting paid by international clients of freelance marketplaces then choose the freelancer or SMB account.

If you are getting paid by electronic Commerce market places then choose online seller account.

If you promote products and earn commission paid by publishers, networks and platforms then choose affiliate marketer account.

If you get paid by vacation rental site and private renters then choose the vacation rental host account.

If you are getting paid by international clients or market places, send and receive money between friends and family and order a prepaid card then choose the individual account. step-by-step account sign-up tutorial

The image above shows their sign-up page where you can choose the individual option if the business is not registered

If your business is registered you can choose company which includes sole proprietorship, corporation, LLC.

                    step-by-step account sign-up tutorial

The image above is an email notification message showing that new account is been reviewed for up to three (3) business days.

It will give their both old and new users the receiving accounts that will the user to receive bank transactions locally in dollars, euros, pounds sterling and more as if you use a local bank

All you have to do is to give your customer your account details for transactions that require payment.

It's highest priority to create and maintain a secure environment so you can access your account and manage your financial transactions with peace of mind.

  1. No limit for receiving accounts 
  2. Payment made by credit card - 15,000 USD / 15,000 EUR / 15,000 GBP
  3. Payment made by electronic Check - 15,000 USD

PS - Account payments transactions from other customers limits is 100,000 USD but can be increased according to eligibility

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