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www. Changelly. com step-by-step account sign-up guide step-by-step account sign-up

What is www Changelly com?

It's a cryptocurrency exchange trading platform that allows fast and pip out with a credit card.

The service provides the simplest crypto-to-crypto rates.

How does www Changelly com work?

It's trading algorithm is integrated into the most important cryptocurrency exchange platforms like Binance, Poloniex, Bittrex.

Within the span of milliseconds, Changelly makes bids and asks on the platforms, then selects and suggests the simplest available rate and displays the estimated rate on our site.

The rates remain approximate until the transaction is really made on the blockchain. 

Which is why the rate of exchange at the time of a transaction may differ slightly from the estimated rate that you simply see once you begin a transaction.


Step-by-step www Changelly com account sign-up tutorial?

  step-by-step account sign-up guide

Log into their official website at, www changelly com 

You will see a sign-up tab at the upper right side of the page.

Click the sign-up tab and the page will load. 

At the sign-up page as seen below, you will see four (4) sign up options like

  1. Twitter.
  2. Gmail.
  3. Facebook.
  4. Google.



   step-by-step account sign-up

Is www Changelly com trustworthy?

It's one among the fore-most prominent instant cryptocurrency exchanges that has gained the trust of quite 2M users from everywhere in the planet. 

The service provides safe and fast transactions without revealing users identities. 

It offers the simplest possible rates by comparing a good range of reliable trading platforms and work with an inventory of 140+ crypto currencies that's constantly increasing.

There are other four (4) reasons why it's trusted 

  1. No deposit storage.
  2. Instant exchange.
  3. Each account is protected with 2-factor authentication and an HTTPS protocol.
  4. More than 2 million satisfied users.

www Changelly com supported currencies

You can buy any of the 150+ crypto currencies listed.

It accepts three (3) fiat currencies for purchasing crypto, namely -

  1. USD.
  2. EUR.
  3. GBP.


How to buy crypto on www Changelly com with a bank card?

The process is sort of simple and takes a couple of minutes. 

The process can vary, counting on the crypto-purchase provider (i.e. Moon-Pay, Simplex, Inda-coin)

These processes are as follows -

Select a default currency which may be USD, GBP or EUR from the widget menu.

Set the fiat amount and choose the cryptocurrency you would like to shop for. 

Transaction limits are set counting on the chosen cryptocurrency purchase provider.

Detailed information on limits and costs for every provider is given below.

Carefully check the speed and therefore the amount you are getting to receive.

Specify your crypto currency wallet address and proceed.

In some cases, you will get to verify your email address by entering a 4-digit verification code you get in your inbox.

Enter your billing and residential addresses to proceed.

Provide your credit card data.

If it’s your first crypto purchase, your proof of identity will be required.

Within 5-30 minutes, your transactions are going to be complete and you will receive cryptocurrency to your e-wallet and transaction details to the provided email.

To verify yourself, you will get to upload the front and back of the document you will choose -

  1. International passport
  2. National ID card
  3. Driving license

PS - In most cases, you will also get to upload a selfie. 

It always takes between two and thirty minutes to verify your identity.

Can bank cards be used in another region on www Changelly com?

You may pay with a 3D-secure card from any country and in any currency.

However, transactions are going to be in USD, GBP or EUR. 

So as to eliminate costs of multiple conversions, it's recommended to use USD or EUR bank cards. 

It's also recommended that you use debit cards rather than credit cards so as to make sure that all your financial transactions won’t be declined by the bank that issued the card to you there by having more chances to finish the acquisition.


Can I pay with www PayPal com on www Changelly com?

At this point it doesn't accept Pay-Pal.


How to use www Changelly com restricted currency?

You can pay in any currency which will be converted at the speed of USD, GBP or EUR.

Is there restrictions on www Changelly com credit card payment?

Please note that our fiat transactions are processed by our partners. 

All has some limitations that ought to be taken under consideration.


Which currencies are accepted for crypto-to-fiat transactions on www Changelly com?

Currently, it allows crypto withdrawals from Bitcoin into EURO


www Changelly com trading limits

While the minimum amount of Bitcoin to sell is about 250 EUR, the maximum amount is 10000 EUR with Basic KYC. 

For those that pass the Advanced KYC procedure, the selling amount is unlimited.


What is the difference between Basic and Advanced KYC procedures on www Changelly com?

For the essential KYC you want to provide the subsequent ID documents -


  1. Passport
  2. ID card
  3. Driver’s license

Once the KYC is passed, you won’t be asked to verify your identity again unless you reach the Advanced KYC limits.

Which are as follows -

  1. Over 10000 EUR per 48 hours.
  2. Over 50000 EUR in total

PS - The ID card and Driver’s license are for Israel residents only. But if you don’t have an ID card and Driver’s license. 

For the Advanced KYC procedure, you will get to undergo a face to face recognition call, provide a further ID and sign a further document which will be provided during the procedure.

This procedure is going to be required just in case the dimensions of your transaction exceed 10000 EUR in 48 hours or if all of your transactions in total exceed 50000 EUR.

After the Advanced KYC procedure is passed, there will be no limits for your further transactions.


How long does the www Changelly com crypto-to-fiat transaction take?

Your funds are going to be sent up to three(3) business days after the rates were locked, although usually they're sent out within a couple of hours of rate locking.

www Changelly com supported countries crypto-to-fiat transactions

Austria - AT

Italy - IT

Belgium - BE

Latvia - LV

Bulgaria - BG

Lithuania - LT

Croatia - HR

Luxembourg - LU

Cyprus - CY

Malta - MT

Czech - CZ

Netherlands - NL

Denmark - DK

Poland - PL

Estonia - EE

Portugal - PT

Finland - FI

Romania - RO

France - FR

Slovakia - SK

Germany - DE

Slovenia - SI

Greece - GR

Spain - ES

Hungary - HU

Sweden - SE

Ireland - IE

Liechtenstein - LI

United Kingdom - GB

Norway – NO

Israel - IL



What is the transaction fee of www Changelly com for crypto-to-fiat exchanges?

It charges a complete fee of fifty, which is currently one among rock bottom for crypto-to-fiat transactions on the market.


How to buy digital local coins with www Changelly com?

The exchange process is that the same for all coins available -

Go to their website, Select the coin you would like to exchange from (i.e. the one you already have) from the upper field, and therefore the one you would like to shop for (i.e. the one you will receive) from the lower field. 

Click the 'Exchange Now' button. step-by-step account sign-up

Double check the quantity specified the quantity you would like to urge, and click on the 'Next step' button.


Step 2

Specify the recipient wallet address and click on Next step.

Once again, countercheck everything carefully. 

PS  -  The ultimate amount is estimated, so it's going to be slightly more or less at the top of your transaction.

If everything looks OK, proceed to subsequent step by clicking 'Confirm and make payment'.

Now your transaction has been created. 

You will see a QR code and a wallet address below.

This is often the address to which you will send the currency you would like to exchange.

Visit the wallet where you are storing the currency you would like to exchange and paste this address into the corresponding field. 

If you use a mobile wallet payments app, you will just scan the QR code offer.

As soon as they receive your money, it will be exchanged and send it to the recipient address you provided in step 2 above.

You can see the status of your transaction in your transaction history.

It will notify you as soon as your transaction is completed. 

Financial Transactions are usually completed within 5-30 minutes. 

In some cases, waiting time may increase due to network delays.

After the financial transaction is finished, you get a receipt with an output financial transaction hash (#). 

This hash (#) may be a proof that your financial transaction is completed.

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