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How to build on the bitcoin cash blockchain

How to build on the bitcoin cash blockchain

As blockchain technology continues to reshape various industries, building decentralized applications on blockchain platforms has become a promising venture. 

Bitcoin Cash (BCH), a cryptocurrency that emerged as a fork of Bitcoin, offers a robust and scalable blockchain for developers to create innovative solutions. 

                              How to build on the bitcoin cash blockchain

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Steps of how to build on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain

  • Understanding the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain

It's essential to understand the fundamentals of the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. 

Unlike Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash is characterized by larger block sizes (allowing for more transactions per block) and lower transaction fees. 

These features make it an attractive platform for various applications beyond simple peer-to-peer transactions.

  • Selecting the Right Development Tools

Bitcoin Cash Node (BCHN)

Start by installing a Bitcoin Cash Node on your development environment. 

This software serves as the backbone of the Bitcoin Cash blockchain, allowing you to interact with the network and deploy your applications.

- Wallet SDKs

Utilize available wallet software development kits (SDKs) to integrate wallet functionalities into your applications. 

Popular SDKs like Bin a n c e provide a stress-free way to handle transactions.

-Smart Contract Platforms

Bitcoin Cash also supports smart contracts through platforms like Wormhole or SLP (Simple Ledger Protocol). 

These enable the creation of tokens and more complex programmable functionalities on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.

  • Programming Languages for Bitcoin Cash Development


Bitcoin Cash development often involves JavaScript, a versatile and widely used language. 

Libraries like BITBOX provide tools and utilities for building Bitcoin Cash applications.


Python can be used for Bitcoin Cash development, particularly for backend services and data analysis. 

Libraries like Bin a n c e make it easier to interact with the Bitcoin Cash blockchain using Python.

  • Building Applications on Bitcoin Cash

-Create a Test Environment

Before deploying on the mainnet, develop and test your applications on the Bitcoin Cash testnet. 

This ensures that your code functions as expected without risking real assets.

-Wallet Integration

Implement wallet features into your application, allowing users to send and receive Bitcoin Cash seamlessly. 

This step is crucial for any application involving transactions.

-Token Creation with SLP

If your project involves creating tokens, consider using the Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP). 

SLP tokens are a versatile tool for representing a variety of digital and real-world assets on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.

-Smart Contract Implementation

Explore the possibilities of smart contracts using platforms like Wormhole or programmable features within the Bitcoin Cash protocol itself. 

This can unlock more complex functionalities for your applications.

  • Security Considerations

-Secure Coding Practices

Adhere to best practices for secure coding, especially when dealing with financial transactions and user data.

-Test Thoroughly

Perform rigorous testing, including unit testing and integration testing, to identify and rectify potential vulnerabilities before deploying your application.

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