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GMAT enhanced score samples and report reviews 2023

GMAT enhanced score samples and report reviews in Australia, Canada and other countries 2023

GMAT enhanced score samples and report

  • How to interpret GMAT Total (Verbal, and Quantitative Scores)

Total GMAT scores range from 200 to 800; two-thirds of Test-takers score between 400 and 600.

Verbal and Quantitative scores range from 0 to 60; scores below 6 and above 51 are rare.

Verbal and Quantitative scores are on a hard and fast scale.

Verbal and Quantitative scores are compared across all GMAT Test administrations, but because they measure different constructs, they can't be compared to every other.

  • Your Analytical Writing Assessment Score

The Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) score is predicated on one Analysis of an Argument essay. 

Scores for the AWA range from 0 to six in half-point intervals. 

AWA essays are scored by a mixture of trained and approved human raters and a machine algorithm. 

GMAT score will be reviewed by a human, if there is a difference between the algorithm and human score.  

The score will be adjusted if the person think that the AWA isn't accurate.

PS - Request that essay be rescored using the request Form.

  • Your Integrated Reasoning Score

Integrated Reasoning (IR) scores range from 1 to eight in single-digit intervals. 

Most Integrated Reasoning questions require quite one response. 

This is because the questions are made to see how well you integrate data to unravel complex problems.

PS - when you answer all responses of a problem correctly to receive credit but no partial credit will given.

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  • How to use GMAT Exam Score Report 

The Test measures the verbal, mathematical, analytical writing, and integrated reasoning skills that are most relevant for graduate business education.

  1. The Integrated Reasoning section requires you to interpret and analyze information from different sources and during a sort of formats to unravel complex reasoning tasks.
  2. The Verbal Reasoning section measures your ability to know and evaluate what you read, also as your ability to acknowledge basic conventions of ordinary written English.
  3. The Quantitative Reasoning section tests your ability to research data and draw conclusions using reasoning skills.
  4. The Analytical Writing Assessment section measures your ability to think critically and communicate complex ideas in writing.

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What GMAT score report looks like?

It's made up of the following -

  • Analytical Writing Assessment

Score: 0-6

1 Question

  • Analysis of an Argument

Integrated Reasoning

Score: 1-8

12 Questions

  • Multi-Source Reasoning

Table Analysis

Graphics Interpretation

Two-Part Analysis

  • Quantitative Reasoning

Score: 6-51

31 Questions

Data Sufficiency

Problem Solving

  • Verbal Reasoning

Score: 6-51

36 Questions

Reading Comprehension

Critical Reasoning

Sentence Correction

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Can I pay someone to write this GMAT Test for me in United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada? 

I don't think it's possible because you will be asked to show some document you used to register for the GMAT Exam

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How to send GMAT Score Reports in Untied States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada?

Immediately After Your Exam

When you complete the exam, you will see four of your five scores - 

  • Quantitative, 

  • Verbal, 

  • Integrated Reasoning 

  • Total Scores 

(score supported the Quantitative and Verbal sections) 

What are the minimum GMAT scores I can report in United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada? 

You will be ready to see your un-official Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative, Verbal, and Total scores, and you will have two minutes to simply accept or cancel them. 

If you don’t make a choice, your scores will automatically be canceled.

Is there time to re-take the GMAT exam if I cancel the scores in United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada?

You will take the exam up to 5 times a year, but just one occasion during any 16-day period. 

The published turnaround for Official Score Reports is 20 days, although you sometimes get them much faster. 

So, before you think about canceling your score, you will want to form sure you have got time to schedule and re-take the exam and have your report delivered to your chosen graduate business programs.

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How to send Your Un-official GMAT Score Report in United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada?

If you collect your score at the center, you will receive a print-out of your Un-official Score Report before leaving the center. 

The un-official report includes your Quantitative, Verbal, Integrated Reasoning, and Total scores. 

you will use this report back to determine. 

If you are a competitive applicant to the faculties of your choice whether you would like to retake the exam

Although this Un-official Score Report are often very helpful, you will not use it for your admissions applications.

GMAT enhanced score samples and report

Un-official GMAT enhanced Score Report Sample page 1

GMAT enhanced score samples and report

Within Three (3) Weeks Following Your Test Date

The Test organizers will send you a notice by email that your official scores are available.


The e-mail will include instructions for online access to your scores. 

Un-official and official Score Report will include your Analytical Writing Assessment Score, your percentile rankings, the private data you provided at registration, and scores from other exams you have got taken within the past five years.

Your official score is valid for five years, supplying you with the pliability to require the exam.


Official Score Report includes -

  1. Digital photograph taken at the Test center.
  2. Self-reported background information like 

  • Phone number 
  • Undergraduate institution
  • Mark average (GPA) and 
  • Intended graduate study.

GMAT enhanced score samples and report

 Official Score Report Sample page 1

GMAT enhanced score samples and report

 Official Score Report Sample page 2

GMAT enhanced score samples and report

 Official Score Report Sample page 3

  • Enhanced Score Report

Choose to purchase an Enhanced Score Report. 

Through the Enhanced Score Report, you will receive personal insights by question type, area of focus, and pacing, providing you with actionable information to assist you better understand your performance on the Exam.

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  • Your Official Score Report

Prior to taking the exam you will have selected up to five (5) schools to receive your Official Score Reports. 

This is often included in your original registration. 

you will select additional schools to receive your scores online for a fee.

Your scores are valid for five (5) years, and are available for reporting for up to ten (10) years only. 

Your Official Score Reports include copies of your essays and digital photograph are released only for specific request either once you take the Test. 


PS - Canceled scores are often re-instated up to four (4) years and eleven (11) months from the exam date.

How is that the GMAT Exam Scored in United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada?

  • Computer Adaptive Testing

Your Official Score Report will include several ways to interpret your exam results. 

Each of your five exam scores is reported on a hard and fast scale and appears on the Official Score Report that you simply and your designated score graduate business schools will receive.

  • Your Score Report 'the small print out' 

You may be tempted to concentrate only to your Total score, but the opposite scores also are meaningful. 

Those scores provide you with and therefore the programs receiving your scores insight into your strengths and areas for development.

How the Section is Scored in United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada?

  • Analytical Writing Assessment


Essays are scored using professional essay raters and a machine algorithm. 

The score is reported in intervals of 0.5

  • Integrated Reasoning


The Integrated Reasoning score is predicated on the amount of questions you answered correctly. 

Some questions may have multiple parts; you want to answer all parts to an issue correctly to receive credit for that question.

PS - Scores are reported in intervals of 1 and therefore the standard error of measurement is 3 points.

  • Quantitative and Verbal


The Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning sections are item-level adaptive, and your score is predicated on three (3) factors namely -

  1. Number of questions you answer
  2. Whether your answers are correct
  3. Difficulty and other parameters of the questions you answered

You will earn a better score if you answer a better number of questions, answer more of them correctly, and qualify for questions of a better difficulty level.

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  • TOTAL SCORE is 200-800

Total Scores are supported by calculated performance before scores are given for the Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning sections. 

The raw calculation is then converted to variety within the Total Score range. Scores are reported in intervals of 10. 

The quality error of measurement is 30-40 points.

PS - There is a penalty for not completing each section of the exam. 

If you are doing not finish within the allotted time, your scores are going to be calculated based upon the amount of questions answered. 

Your score will decrease significantly with each unanswered question.

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