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How to cancel SAT Test registration guide

How to cancel SAT Test registration Tutorials in Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Singapore, India 2023

How to cancel SAT Test registration guide

Before cancelling Test registration, students should think about the advantages and disadvantages.

Unless there is a serious reason for cancelling Test registration, it’s very important that students check all aspects.

Advantages of cancelling SAT Test registration include -

More time for Test preparation

Changing Test date is cheaper than canceling it

P S - Canceling costs $45 without the essay and $57 with the essay

Changing Test date costs $28 cost

Disadvantages of cancelling SAT Test registration include -

Added costs 

Missed application deadlines

P S - Getting scores to different college admissions boards on time is very important.


Step-by-step Tutorial how to Cancel SAT Test registration

Cancelling registration won't take more than a few minutes to complete.

The steps are the same for both the standard Test and the Subject Tests. 

The steps are as follows below -

• Sign-in to College Board

• On the 'My SAT' page, click 'Change Registration' 

• At the bottom of the page, click 'Change my test date'

• Look through the new test dates that are available for upcoming tests, and select one 

• Select a Test center

• Confirm personal information

• Pay the re-schedule fee

• Check email for confirmation of the change, and a new test date admissions ticket

• Print it out

Shifting the date of Test further will not improve a student's score unless they put in the work and actually target their personal areas of concern.

Students who are looking to Test date should consider working with online preparation experts

These preparation experts are experienced tutors that has the tools to help you reach your score goal

Through virtual one-on-one weekly sessions, online preparation experts gives you the flexibility of learning on your preferred time to work toward your goals while receiving personalized feedback and tips and tricks

Online preparation experts guide students through the process and give students the insight they wouldn’t be able to gain on their own.

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