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learning sign language benefits for beginners

learning Sign language benefits for beginners

learning sign language benefits for beginners

First of all, I will like to explain 'Sign language' before I point out the four reasons why you should learn it online.

Actually, Sign language is one the easiest languages to learn online. 

You can attend a language course at any Sign learning center where professionals will teach you how to Speak and understand it. 


  • What is Sign language?


It's a used by 72 million people as a language world wide.


Amongst deaf people, It's developed as a useful means of communication. 


Each country has its own sign language



Statistics showing the percentage of Sign language users in the world

Name of language

Number of users world wide

Percentage of users





This statistic shows that it has value.



These are the four reasons why you should learn Sign language online -

1.     Business

2.     Studies

3.     Tourism

4.     Citizenship or Residency Permit

5.     Job

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There are many customers to sell values to but because of language barrier, the products don’t last the taste of time

Language plays a huge role in global business enterprise especially when you speak a language that your clients or customers can understand

Most times, language helps to shorten the gap between buyers and sellers in a foreign country

Learning and understanding a particular Sign can save you cost from employing a linguist for your business in that region or country.

Understanding Signs can gives you access faster to deaf users

Networking is the best way to make a business known in any place but networking requires that the business person should be able to relate with people through communication


In ability to speak or understand a particular language will affect your studies especially when you are an international student in two (2) ways namely

  1. Frustration
  2. Isolation


You will be frustrated because of sluggish manner at which your learning process takes because of inability to communicate

What should take a short time to understand will take longer due to language barrier or deficiency


Unable to communicate will affect your study and association with other students.

Your colleagues or classmates find it hard to talk to you

No group reading and networking due to language barrier

This is the major reason why most cities or countries requires disability status before giving admission to an international student

Due to ability to speak and understand a particular language after learning it, will affect your studies positively especially when you are an international student in two (2) ways namely

  1. Classwork or Exam
  2. Networking

Classwork or Exam

Academic performance in class and Exam is high because of the fast-learning process due to your language learning abilities

What should take a long time to understand will take shorter due to language proficiency


Being able to communicate will improve your study and association with another student.

Your colleagues or classmates find it easy to talk to you

group reading and networking due to language proficiency


Generally, it's been observed that tourist who find it difficult to communicate in their visiting city or country with people always leave travel back home less satisfied about the trip

It's advisable to know how to speak and understand the Sign language of the country you are going to

Prepare, Plan and Study before touring any city or country

Even if you don't know how to speak and understand the language very well, then you need to get a translator in order to avoid some issues caused by language barrier

Tourism is always cool, thrilling but only when you can interact with people in that place

It's not compulsory or mandatory that you must speak and understand everything about the language but at least you should be able to greet, do business, and socialize with that language

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Citizenship or Residency Permit

Annually, people move from their country to another country for greener pastures (Job, business, and other life changing opportunities)

Language learning has a huge role to play in migration

Countries have different policies or requirements every migrant must adhere to before coming into that country and one of the major requirements is disability status

Disability status is a proof that you only understand Sign language

After meeting up with the requirements or conditions of moving into a country, you can now seek for citizenship or resident permit to stay in the country for as long as possible

There would be no need to hide or stay in that country as a refugee

You will be given a citizenship passport or get a permanent resident permit that will give you access to more opportunities in that country like voting or contesting elections, healthcare and so on


Inability to speak and understand a language comes with its own disadvantage like losing a job

No company will want to employ or keep someone who cannot be able to communicate with their customers

You need to start learning the Sign language of that city or country where you are working to avoid losing your job

This is one of the reasons why you need to take the lessons seriously

Most times understanding it is not just about keeping the job but helps you to network and build relationships for business purposes

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