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How to send ACT Score to any college reviews 2023

How to send ACT Score to any college reviews 2023

ACT Test score report to colleges

Have you registered for ACT and want to know how to send Score to colleges? 

Sending your Scores won't be an issue again after reading this article.

Choice of college changes can affect your score report.

For instance, if you have an intention of getting a scholarship and some schools are already asking for Test reports

The scores must be sent to all the schools

ACT organizers has assured all Test Takers that they will automatically send their scores from the registration portal to the schools asking for it.

There is no need to panic because even after your test, your scores will be sent to other colleges and scholarship agencies.

PS - Requests will be processed immediately after the ACT have been scored

Step-by-step guide of how to send ACT Score to colleges

If you order your Scores Online, then you have to create or sign in to your existing 'My ACT' account

ACT Test score report log-in and sign-up page

Log into Test organizers website, https : // www. Act. org

If you don't have a MyACT account, 

you click 'Register account' at the left side of the page.

but if you have a 'My ACT' account, type in user log in username and password and click 'sign in'

PS - If you wrote the test before September 2011 then your Scores is not presently available for order because of changes that took place in MY ACT but you can still check back to know the present situation of the changes.

Meanwhile, people who took part in Test from September 2011 till date can assess their Scores any time.

ACT Score Report Fee for Regular Test Takers in Nigeria, 
USA, UK, Australia and other countries in the world as a college student.

  • ACT sends regular reports to colleges and agencies that you have selected three times per week. 
  • The fees for Score Report for Regular Test Takers is processed normally one week after your request has been received.

  • This action took effect from 31st August, 2020.

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  1. $13.00 USD per test date per report.
  2. $39.00 USD per test date per report for scores before 1st September, 2017.       
  • This particular test takers will pay a non refundable fee of $26.00 USD for archived scores.

PS-  Your request for sending Scores cannot be changed or canceled. 

Scores of people who tested before 1st September, 2017 will those scores have been archived. 

This archived reports will cost over $26 USD per report and will take an additional working day to process. 

The non refundable fee is the cost of searching for archived scores whether the scores are found or not found. 

Step-by-step easy tutorials of requirement used for sending ACT Test Scores 

  1. The use of valid codes is a must. 
  2. If the college expecting the Score has more than one campus then you must indicate the campus where you want your scores sent by city and state the campus is located. 
  3. College Code List and Congressional Code List are valid online to give you the most updated notification.
  4. provide the correct required personal information like name, date of birth and address etc. 
  5. Make sure that the score report with the month and year when you took the test from your ID is very correct.
  6. The Test will not report any other test scores apart from scores of the test date you chose. 
  7. To make sure that you direct the reporting of your scores.
  8. Score Reports you request will include the ID presently on your account. 
  9. As a Test Taker, You can demand a correction to the identifying data on records for test dates after 1st September, 2017.
  10. Always specify the Test location you want the Test reported if you tested more than once in the same month.
  11. Score Report can not be sent to individual or private office but to your chosen colleges and scholarship agencies.

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