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Mercuryo io step-by-step account sign-up tutorial review in Nigeria and other countries step-by-step account sign-up

Let me start by explaining what Mercuryo is actually. 

What is Mercuryo. io in Nigeria and other countries?

It's a cryptocurrency exchange trading platform with a user friendly interface, convenient service and mobile payments gateway.

It allows their users to buy and sell cryptocurrency using bank prepaid cards. 

Their merchant services allows their prepaid cards linked to a cryptocurrency wallet and exchange account.

PS - this review shows that exchange mercuryo. io wallet doesn't support Vanilla credit or debit cards


Step-by-step Mercuryo. io account sign-up in Nigeria and other countries?

Steps to sign up are as follows -

  1. Log into this website at www. Mercuryo. io, or through their mobile cryptocurrency trading app from playstore
  2. click the sign-in tap at the upper right of their homepage.
  3. As the sign-in page appears, click the create wallet tap.
  step-by-step account sign-in

As seen at the image below; when the create account page appears, type in the correct information in the empty boxes.

It will take five (5) steps to create a new account.

If you follow through the steps as seen at the image below and input the right answers.

You will get a notification message in your email account showing a five (5) digits verification code. step-by-step account sign-up

This is how the verification code looks like step-by-step account sign-up verification code

PS - You must complete the account verification process before you can explore the benefits of the account

Mercuryo io offers in Nigeria and other countries?

Below is the list of things they offer to their users.

Purchase cryptocurrency with your bank prepaid cards using their trading app on apple or google store.

Increase the amount of cryptocurrency in your wallet by transferring it from another
 or blockchain address.

Swap cryptocurrency to fiat (RUB, USD, EUR) through transfer to your bank prepaid cards.

Receive rewards or bonus for bringing new users through the referral program.

All payments as regards to bonuses are done in crypto to your wallet at the end of each month.

Does Mercuryo io have a mobile trading app in Nigeria and other countries?

Their application is downloadable at the Apple or Google store

This reviews also shows that they have good mobile payments systems. 

Does Mercuryo io have plastic prepaid cards in Nigeria and other countries?

Not yet for now.

Does Mercuryo io have a virtual prepaid cards in Nigeria and other countries?

Not yet for now.

Does Mercuryo io accept Ethereum through smart contracts in Nigeria and other countries?

Not yet for now.

Mercuryo io supported cryptocurrencies

Mercuryo io cryptocurrency trading exchange supported fiat currency for buying crypto currencies 

  1. EUR - Euro
  2. RUB - Russian Ruble
  3. USD - US dollar
  4. GBP - British pound
  5. TRY - Turkish lira
  6. UAH - Ukrainian hryvnia

Mercuryo io restricted the trading currency, what next? 

It will be automatically converted into the payment currency and the bank will make the exchange for you.

PS - The bank involved might apply an additional fee for converting it to a payment currency.

Mercuryo io supported bank prepaid cards and other countries?

It accepts only Visa and MasterCard - virtual, prepaid debit, and credit cards except Maestro.

They only process bank prepaid cards.

It doesn't accept any other online payment that requires wire services or sepa transfers.

Firstly, Some banks that gives
 prepaid cards have their own terms regarding where and when it can be used and may decline the charge on their side.

Secondly, Some banks that gives prepaid cards might charge extra fees when you use their prepaid credit cards.

PS - They don't support PayPal and Revolut cards at the moment.

Contact your bank support to know whether they charge extra fees for transactions with MCC 6051 or any other enquiry about bank cards.

Mercuryo io supported payment solutions

It supports Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Does Mercuryo io operate in Nigeria presently?


Is Mercuryo io Scam?

It's not a Scam

Always record and keep your cryptocurrency exchange transaction history with them incase of any error

Mercuryo io restricted countries

  • Abkhazia
  • Afghanistan, 
  • Aland Islands, 
  • Angola, 
  • Algeria, 
  • American Samoa, 
  • Antarctica, 
  • Barbados, 
  • Bangladesh, 
  • Burundi, 
  • Bolivia, 
  • Burkina Faso, 
  • Burma, 
  • Central African Republic, 
  • Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), 
  • Congo, 
  • Crimea, 
  • Donetsk, 
  • Luhansk, 
  • China, 
  • Chile, 
  • Colombia, 
  • Costa Rica, 
  • Cuba, 
  • Cambodia, 
  • Cayman Islands, 
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo, 
  • Ecuador, 
  • Eritrea, 
  • Ethiopia, 
  • Fiji, 
  • French Guiana, 
  • French Polynesia, 
  • Guam, 
  • Guatemala, 
  • Guinea, 
  • Guinea-Bissau, 
  • Honduras, 
  • Haiti, 
  • Iraq, 
  • Iran, 
  • Iceland, 
  • Islamic Republic of - IR, 
  • Jamaica, 
  • Jordan, 
  • Kuwait, 
  • Kyrgyzstan, 
  • Laos, 
  • Lebanon, 
  • Liberia, 
  • Libya, 
  • Morocco, 
  • Mali, 
  • Myanmar, 
  • North Korea, 
  • North Macedonia, 
  • Nicaragua, 
  • Northern Mariana Islands, 
  • Nepal, 
  • South Ossetia, 
  • Panama, 
  • Peru, 
  • Papua New Guinea, 
  • Pakistan, 
  • Palau, 
  • Palestine, 
  • Puerto Rico, 
  • Republic of the Congo, 
  • Republic of Guinea-Bissau, 
  • Senegal, 
  • Saudi Arabia, 
  • Sudan, 
  • Sierra Leone, 
  • Somalia, 
  • South Sudan, 
  • Sri Lanka, 
  • Syria, 
  • The Bahamas, 
  • Tunisia, 
  • Transnistria, 
  • Trinidad 
  • Tobago, 
  • Uganda, 
  • US Virgin Islands, 
  • Vanuatu, 
  • Venezuela, 
  • Kosovo, 
  • Yemen, 
  • Zimbabwe

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